Insperational Quotes of Wisodom:

  • ‎"Yeah, the only problem with doing Anne Frank (the play) is if someone in the audience yells 'They're in the attic!!'"
  • "I've heard of people who don't like cheese, but i've never meet anyone who dosn't like sex."
  • ‎"group 2! you'll be doing some crazy retarded chicken walk!"
  • ‎"[Laughing] If I died, there would be a sub tomorrow, and they would be interviewing by friday, and all of you would forget about me in six months."
  • "Muchos regalos para Carlitos."
  • "No, I do not have any tattoos and yes, I know I look like Clark Kent."
  • ‎"This is NOT PeeWee's Playhouse!"
  • ‎"They make you get a license to drive, but no one makes u get a license to have kids-that seem ok to you?"
  • Just like a fat rat in a cheese factory
  • "People just thought i was brain dead."

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